Looking sketchy: Sport sketches for you


We at the Sportress enjoy a good laugh, and many of those laughs are generated sometimes by blunders in sport and other times by ace comedy sketches. In this post we’ve selected some of what we think are the best sports related sketches over the years, anywhere from Monty Python right up to Key & Peele.

Watch the Football! – That Mitchell and Webb Look

David Mitchell absolutely nails the hyperbole that accompanies any commentator blabbing about upcoming fixtures.

Philosophers Football – Monty Pythons Flying Circus

The Pythons skewer the excitement of football broadcasts by having two teams stand around and ponder football, until one of them has a football epiphany. Classic

Key & Peele – East/West College Bowl

Key and & Peele parody the ever growing trend of slightly ridiculous names in American sports. The presentation helps to accentuate the overall atmosphere, and the sketch reaches a metaphorical level in its third edition when they begin including actual NFL players with somewhat off kilter monikers.

Charlie Murphy’s True Hollywood Stories – Chappelle Show

In which Prince (Chappelle) and the Revolution destroy Charlie and his crew in an impromptu game of B-ball.

World Staring Championships – Big train

Big Train aired around the turn of the century, and was a launching pad for the likes of Simon Pegg. The World Staring Championships are animated segments that take aim at the commentator habit of waffling on, to hilarious effect.

Who’s on First? – Jimmy Fallon & Co

Fallon and his crew get an assist from Billy Crystal and Jerry Seinfeld in tackling one of the greatest word play skits ever put to film. Purists of Abbott & Costello may sneer, but some of the actual inflection in this one actually suits the wordplay a bit better.

Top Soccer Shootout Ever With Scott Sterling – Studio C

This effort from the comedy troupe Studio C sees Goalkeeper Scott Sterling put his body on the line in a penalty shootout – painfully hilarious.




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