Greenberg Promises Immediate Investigation of Sezer Hit

BY DAN NRL CEO Todd Greenberg has announced he will personally oversee an immediate investigation into stopping vicious hits like Aidan Sezer’s sickening head-butt of Sam Burgess’s arm. “It’s critical we protect our media favourites like Burgess. Sezer’s wanton disregard for Sam’s swinging arm is something we have to stamp out of this game” said … More Greenberg Promises Immediate Investigation of Sezer Hit

Raiders Review: The Recurring Nightmare

BY DAN The Canberra Raiders 20-19 loss to the New Zealand Warriors isn’t forgivable or forgettable. This season is quickly becoming some horrid, recurring nightmare. Each week they lead. Each week they lose in the most harrowing way possible. This loss is the kind that defines players, seasons and careers. Leading 19-12 with 4 minutes … More Raiders Review: The Recurring Nightmare

The Hardest Questions

BY DAN When the Canberra Raiders register with the national footy media things are either going well or very bad. Unfortunately the Raiders’ edge defence has been so bad this season that it’s drawn the attention of the national media. FoxSports Nathan Ryan came to the party this week, identifying the plethora of tries scored … More The Hardest Questions