A Professional Exit

BY BOZZA ‘All Wade items are $13 in honor of 13 unforgettable seasons’. So tweeted the Miami Heat (hence the abominable spelling of honour) in the wake of the team’s most celebrated player, Dwyane Wade, announcing his signing with the Chicago Bulls. A very different response to the teeth gnashing and mass jersey burnings that … More A Professional Exit

The Bad Old Days

BY DAN Stop me if you’ve heard this before. The Knicks trade for a past-his-best star in order to ‘win now’. In this case they have sent starting centre Robin Lopez and rookie Jerian Grant in exchange of Derrick Rose and parts. It all feels so familiar. It’s a story that could be told so … More The Bad Old Days

Riding With Phil: Do the Knicks have the patience?

BY DAN For the New York Knicks, this year’s improvement has not been enough to sate many impatient fans’ desires for success. But the Knicks would be wise to ignore calls for dramatic change. The ride with Phil has been a success, and the fans need the patience for the journey. This time last year … More Riding With Phil: Do the Knicks have the patience?

Na na na na Sports

We keep making podcasts. You can listen here or maybe just suscribe on your favourite podcast app.  On this one we talk the Chris Gayle furore, the success of short form cricket this summer, and the NBA’s new public service announcement.  It’s fun. Seriously. 

Blaming the Victim

BY DAN Cleanthony Early was shot yesterday. In cold blood, a criminal took his property and shot him in the knee. This has jeopardised his career, the financial well-being of his family, as well as no doubt causing him great physical and mental pain. He was not engaging in risky behaviour (a la Monta Ellis’ … More Blaming the Victim