Raiders (trial) Review: The Solid and the Spectacular

BY DAN Sometimes it’s nice to win the close ones. It’d be nicer if it ‘mattered’, but the Canberra Raiders’ 22-20 victory of the Parramatta Eels was a solid outing to start their 2019 campaign, mixed with a spectacular end. Let’s start with the obvious. Results of trials don’t matter. So many people took the … More Raiders (trial) Review: The Solid and the Spectacular

Raiders Rumble! A Return to Rumbling: Raiders v Eels trial preview

BY ROB I’m sitting at my desk in the upstairs study, staring out at a desolate hellscape. A massive dust storm has enveloped the nation’s capital, rendering the sky a flat, featureless wall of beige. The intense heat that wracked Canberra over the peak of summer has gone, taking a particularly average cricket season with … More Raiders Rumble! A Return to Rumbling: Raiders v Eels trial preview

Spinal Fracture

BY DAN It’s a truism if Rugby League that the key to success is the skill and stability of the spine. The forwards lay the platform, the backs provide the excitement, but the spine is named as such because it connects all the parts. Talent is critical at these positions; but talent still needs time … More Spinal Fracture

Solving for One

BY DAN The impending move of Jack Wighton from the back-house to the showroom solves one Raiders headache but creates another. Who back-fills for Wighton? Canberra doesn’t seem sure (or at least isn’t telling). The Raiders have few options, none of which are perfect. It should surprise no one that the best choice is Nic … More Solving for One

How Wighton Works

BY DAN We’ve written a lot recently on the challenge facing the Raiders in moving Wighton to the halves (as reported in the Daily Telegraph, and also by Nic Cotric). After only recently mastering the fullback position, it requires the young man transition to a even harder position with a different set of challenges. It’s a … More How Wighton Works